The founder of Mr. Mosharraf Husain was a hard working, self made man. Among his rare qualities were foresightedness, intelligence and knowledge of Rubber Industry which made him pioneer in the field. Mr. Mosharraf Husain started his industrial venture firstly with East Paskistan Rubber Industries at Tejgaon Industrial Area far back in 1954 with his Head Office at 19, Khaje Dewan, ( 2nd Lane ), Lalbagh, Dhaka . It was his hard work, sincerity and honesty that made it possible for him to march forward for success to success and also to establish new industries. With the help of these industries he introduced many new Rubber Products in Bangladesh market.

Finding a ready market and good will, he set new industries with his nephew Barrister Abul Khair Khan. He established Apex Industrial Corporation Ltd. at Tongi BSCIC industrial Estate in 1967.
At the beginning, it was an automobile Tyre Retreading Unit having as its brand name. It added a product, the EVA based Hawai Chappal (Beach Sandal) in 1978 for the first time in Bangladesh under the brand name of “Mogul”.

Mr. Mosharraf Husain purchased Northern Rubber Manufacturing Co. in 1970 and started manufacturing “Shahinoor” brand Hawai Chappal and inner tube of bicycles and Richshaw tyres under brand name “Eagle” and “Sea gull” respectively. It added the “EVA Sheet” and “Synthetic Rubber Sheet” (For Shoe Industries) in 1991 with the logo.

In 1979, Mr. Mosharraf Husain and Barrister Abul Khair jointly purchased the Dhaka Rubber & Tyre Manufacturing Company Ltd. at Tongi BSCIC industrial Estate. They set up second unit of Retreading Plant and later producing Tread Rubber.

In 1981, Mr. Mosharraf Husain and Barrister Abul Khair Khan jointly started and established another industry name “Apex Limited” at Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka and started manufacturing Synthetic Rubber Sheet, Synthetic Rubber Shoe Sole and EVA Sheet (for shoe industries) under the brand name . Later on in 2004, “Apex Limited” started manufacturing Butyl Inner Tube, Butyl Curing Bag and Flap under the brand name which was introduced for the first time in Bangladesh .

In the year 1982, Mr. Mosharraf Husain established “Apex Foam Industry” and produced PU (Polyurethane) Foam under the brand name “Apex Foam”.

To strengthen the hands of Mr. Mosharraf Husain his youngest son Mr. Zakir Husain joined him in 1990.

To fulfill the desire to manufacture the most prestigious item in Rubber Field Mr. Mosharraf Husain with his sons established East Asian Cox. (Pvt.) Ltd. in 1991 at Fatullah near Dhaka . After strenuous effort they launched the first automobile Flap, later Tube and Tyre in Bangladesh on Commercial basis in 1996 under the brand name “Asian”.

In 1998, Mr. Zakir Husain and Mr. Moazzem Husain established “Apex Polymer Corporation Ltd.” in Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka with an aim of producing raw material used in the Rubber Industry base products.

After the sad demises of father Mr. Mosharraf Husain on 24th January, 1997 , both the sons tried to augment “Apex Polymer Group (APG)” and grow further. Later on Mr. Zakir Husain brought the industrial unit under “Apex Polymer Group” i.e. “Apex Limited” and “Northern Rubber Manufacturing Co. Ltd.” and Head Office at “Apex Centre”, (4 th Floor), 39-40/A, Haranath Ghosh Road, Lalbagh, Dhaka. To keep the memory of his father alive, Mr. Zakir Husain continued his business to market the No. 1 Quality Polymer Product Manufacturer in Bangladesh since 1954 under the brand name of as used by his father.